Drone Technology Maps the Underworld


In a pilot project in Indonesia, they equipped a drone with a GPR (ground penetrating radar) system. Together with PT Airborne Geophysics Indonesia and the geophysical laboratory at Bandung’s technical institute, they then had drones map tunnels and underground pipelines. The drone obtained data was compared with the infrastructure maps that were available over the area – and it turned out that the technology was very accurate.

The Japanese company believes that the combination of ground-penetrating radar and drones opens up many possibilities. Not least, it can make jobs more efficient where accessibility is insufficient, or the environment is dangerous. Still, the solution can also be used routinely to detect leaks, for example.

– THE conventional GPR method requires staff to be out in the field and carry the tools to carry out an investigation. But that method involves dangers in some cases, and when the weather is terrible, the work is limited. In contrast, GPR drones are safer and more efficient, said Michael Wishnu Wardana, CEO of Terra Drone Indonesia, in a statement.

The Indonesian test was a pilot project, but Terra Drone hopes to commercialize the technology soon.


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