Swedish NPO Uses Drones to Help Find Missing People


Swedish court gives the organization ‘Missing People’ green light to use drones around the clock to find missing people

The drone company CybAero signs an agreement with Missing People

Will use the company’s drones to search for missing persons.

CybAero announces today that the company has signed a cooperation agreement with Missing People Sweden. The agreement means that Missing People will use CybAero’s remote-controlled drones to search for missing persons.

“It is gratifying that Missing People has chosen us as a partner in their work to streamline the search for missing persons. At the same time, the agreement is proof that our technology is attracting increasing interest and that our RPAS helicopters can be helpful in all types of environments, ” says CybAero’s CEO Johan Ahlström.

The collaboration means that CybAero will provide Missing People remote-controlled helicopters, if necessary. The purpose is to use the help of CybAero’s products to find missing persons in a more time- and cost-efficient way than before and to enable the applicant in areas that were previously difficult to reach. In the first step, the agreement is non-commercial and CybAero will only receive cost coverage. The purpose is also to examine the conditions for a long-term collaboration and a commercial agreement.

“We are very pleased to have access to CybAero’s drones. This means that we can search larger areas both faster and easier and also work in a terrain that may otherwise be difficult to access, ”says Kicki Erkers at Missing People Sweden.

Missing People Sweden is a non-profit organization that helps relatives and the police to publish searches and arrange search operations for missing persons.

Missing peoples history:

The organization ‘Missing people’ was Founded in Gothenburg, Sweden 2012, as a result of two similar cases of missing people in fall 2010, and winter 2011. Where it became crystal clear that the community didn’t have the resources to handle searches for missing people. As a reaction to this, the first nonprofit association named “Sökarna Västra Götaland”, in English “Western Gotaland Seekers, Or Seekers of western Gotaland”
an association with local ties whose purpose was to gather and organize a large number of people for search after missing people, but pretty soon indications showed that this kind of searches was needed in pretty much the whole country, and with this, “Missing People” was founded.

The process of finding missing people:

Missing People works closely with relatives, the police, and other aid organizations. When a disappearance comes to the emergency room, it is always checked against the police, that there is a police report and that there are no obstacles to publishing inquiries or carrying out search operations. When the emergency service has received the go-ahead from the police and the relatives, a request is published on the organization’s Facebook page. On average, each call is visible to 200,000–1,500,000 people. Thanks to the fact that many share our inquiries, a lot of tips are gathered at this stage.

If it becomes relevant to a search for the missing person, the emergency services will hand over the case to the regional department where the person was last seen. This usually happens in connection with the advertisement being published. The regional department takes over the contact with the relatives and plans and carries out various search operations. Depending on the terrain and type of disappearance, different search methods are used to find the missing person. Sometimes it is more effective with a search party and other times with the help of dog carriages or off-road vehicles. When it’s time for a search effort, a call is published on the organization’s social media. An invitation via text message is also sent to the people who have registered as applicants in the county in question. More than 60,000 people have registered as applicants and receive a phone message when they are needed during a search effort in their county.


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