The US Navy – Laser Weapon Shoots Down a Drone for the First Time


The US Navy shows for the first time how a laser weapon shoots down a drone. The gun has been developed since 2015 to strengthen the defense at sea.

Laser weapons have been talked about for a very long time, and there have been those who doubted whether it could work as a modern means of warfare. In an article from 2015, on the site The Bulletin, the lyricist asks if laser weapons are just hype or something that will work in reality.

If we fast-forward the time five years, the US Navy has now assembled its very first 150-kilowatt-class laser weapon of the Lent type. This has been applied to the ship USS Portland. In connection with this, they have also released a video showing how the same high-energy laser shoots down an unmanned flying drone. It is the first time the navy has demonstrated the power of the weapon.

“Advanced anti-personnel drones provide valuable information about laser weapons capabilities and how they handle potential threats,” said Karrey Sanders, commander of USS Portland, in a statement.

According to the navy, the laser cannons have been developed to meet an increased threat from, among other things, unmanned drones, small armed boats, and surveillance systems from foreign powers.

The video below comes from the US Navy and shows how the laser cannon shoots down an unmanned drone. It is also believed that the weapon is powerful enough to defend itself against long-range missiles.

The solid-state type laser weapon got developed by Northrup Grumman and went by the name Laser Weapon System Demonstration (LWSD). The weapon manufacturer was commissioned in 2015 by the research institute Office of Naval Research. The contract was initially worth $ 53 million.

The US Navy has previously used laser weapons, but then it has been about the type of Laws, which is 30-kilowatt classified.


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